Netizens Wonder How TXT’s Beomgyu Just Continues To Get More Handsome

“He’s too handsome and I can’t deal with it.”

There’s a reason that TXT doesn’t have an official visual — each of the members are incredibly handsome in their own ways, and they can all appeal to different fans with different tastes!


With their latest comeback, “Sugar Rush Ride”, off of the album The Name Chapter: Temptation, the members of TXT made their long-awaited comeback without disappointment. The teasers for the album alone had MOAs swooning over their stunning visuals, and their continued promotions and performances aren’t any different!


One member that became a hot topic on an online Korean forum for his current handsome visuals is Beomgyu.

Beomgyu (TXT) | SBS

His ethereal beauty for the group’s current comeback was discussed on a post titled “Beomgyu is seriously handsome”, and there were several photos shared of the TXT member to showcase the author’s point!


Some fans commented that it seems like Beomgyu just gets more handsome with each TXT comeback, despite them feeling like each comeback in the past has been his visual peak at the time they happened.

His doll-like features never fail to capture MOAs’ attention, and this comeback with “Sugar Rush Ride” is no exception!

Even though fans think he has reached a new visual peak this era, it seems like he’ll be surpassed only by his own future self if the trend continues!

Here’s how fans are reacting and commenting on the post about his recent appearance.

There are many things to love about Beomgyu, and his unwaveringly gorgeous looks are just one of them!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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