TXT’s Beomgyu And Hueningkai Praise Yeonjun For How Hard He Worked On His feature for ENHYPEN’s “Blockbuster”

Beomgyu also perfectly imitated Yeonjun’s rap.

Since the reveal of TXT‘s Yeonjun‘s feature on ENHYPEN‘s DIMENSION : DILEMMA album’s “Blockbuster,” MOAs and ENGENEs have been dying to hear the song. Now that the song has been released, Yeonjun and his members are excited to talk about the process of it all!

During Beomgyu‘s and Hueningkai‘s recent live broadcast, Yeonjun came in for a few seconds and Beomgyu couldn’t help but praise his hard work on the feature.

Before he revealed how hard Yeonjun worked on his “Blockbuster” feature, he and Hueningkai couldn’t help but jam out to Yeonjun’s part in the song. To no surprise at all, Beomgyu and Hueningkai totally crushed Yeonjun’s rap.

Once the two finished killing Yeonjun’s rap, Beomgyu started to share how seriously Yeonjun took his feature. Even while doing their own music promotion, Yeonjun would work on his rap and even stayed up to perfect it.

Yeonjun hyung will be able to probably tell you the story behind of his rap but he did it when we were promoting! He stayed up during our promotion period. I sincerely respect him!

— Beomgyu

Hueningkai agreed with Beomgyu and commented, “Respect” while he held up a thumbs up.

It’s clear that everyone is loving ENHYPEN’s DIMENSION : DILEMMA and Yeonjun’s feature on “Blockbuster.” From this collaboration, fans have been gaining a lot of cute moments from TXT’s Yeonjun and ENHYPEN!

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Check out the clip below:

Also, check out ENHYPEN’s “Blockbuster” featuring TXT’s Yeonjun:

Source: Naver TV