TXT’s Beomgyu Has An Unexpected Slip Of The Tongue About A BTS Member During An Interview

He was talking about his inspiration when it happened.

TXT member Beomgyu recently had an adorable slip of the tongue during an MTV interview, and it involved none other than BTS’s Suga.

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On April 3, MTV uploaded a special live performance of “Sugar Rush Ride” and “Devil By The Window,” along with an exclusive interview with TXT, where they discussed their newest EP and their several musical influences.

In one of the bonus clips posted on the MTV website, the TXT members discussed their inspiration as artists, and during his turn, Beomgyu talked about a movie that inspired him as a young kid to aspire to become a musician. He explained that the movie’s protagonist is a guitar player, which influenced him to dream about becoming “someone who can play the guitar in front of others.” That small dream that sprouted inside Beomgyu eventually led to him becoming a trainee and debuting as a member of TXT.

But he slipped on his words unexpectedly while mentioning the name of the movie. He introduced its title as “Agust D” and then gave his lengthy explanation of how the movie had inspired him. When his co-member Taehyun finally suggested that he probably meant the movie “August Rush,” a flustered Beomgyu agreed with him as the rest of the members broke into a grin.

Fans of both groups found Beomgyu’s mistake pretty adorable and relatable.

It seems like the two Daegu boys of the BIGHIT MUSIC boy groups are closer than people seem to know!