TXT Spill About Their Celebrity Crushes And Prove That Idols Are Loyal Fans Themselves

Are we even surprised at Soobin’s answer?

In a recent Then Vs. Now interview with Seventeen, TXT talked about many things, including their celebrity crushes. While they didn’t share who they used to like in the past, several members showed that they were certified fans with their loyalty to their favorite artists.

Soobin shared that his celebrity crush was Bebe Rexha, and this answer surprised no one, given how openly he’s expressed his love for her since his debut.

| Seventeen/YouTube 

He’s also the perfect example of a lucky fan, given TXT’s frequent interactions with Bebe over Twitter and Instagram. With Bebe also 100% on board for a collaboration, all we’re waiting for is the green light from HYBE.

Following up as another loyal fan, Beomgyu shared that his celebrity crush was Post Malone, even adding an “I love you” at the end of his comment.

Ever since he was asked about his favorite artists a couple of months after TXT’s debut, Beomgyu has frequently brought up Post Malone as his answer.

He even has a vinyl record of one of Post Malone’s songs!

Next, Taehyun shared that his celebrity crush was The Weeknd.

Another fan with unwavering taste, Taehyun not only likes The Weeknd for his music but also for the way The Weeknd puts together his stages and performances.

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Yeonjun shared that his celebrity crush recently was Audrey Nunaa Korean-American artist. Not only do they share the same culture, but she’s also the same age as him.

At the beginning of their round of answers, Hueningkai stated with zero hesitation that his celebrity crush was TXT, and for a moment, it was hard to tell if he was a part of TXT or a MOA.

Later, he changed his answer to Avril Lavigne, as he’s always liked music with strong instrumentals, and shared his gratefulness for her appreciation of his cover of one of her songs, “Sk8er Boi.”

Although it seems that the boys talked about their favorite artists more than their celebrity crushes, who says those are two different things? After all, doing what you love with your crush is anyone’s dream, and for music artists, there’s no better interaction than collaborating.