TXT Excite MOAs By Walking Through The Audience In Chicago, But Many Have Concerns Regarding COVID-19 Safety

Not all MOAs attending were wearing masks.

TXT have officially embarked on the North American leg of their 2022 TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR <ACT : LOVE SICK., starting in Chicago.

Previously, TXT held concerts in Seoul, South Korea. International MOAs (TXT fans) admired that the members interacted with the audience by walking through the crowd at the concert. While they hoped for TXT to do the same at their international shows, it didn’t seem likely considering how poor concert-goers, particularly in the U.S., have followed COVID-19 safety precautions recently.

Recently, there was controversy in the Stray Kids fandom concerning this topic. Shortly after they began their tour in the U.S., three members tested positive, and many Stays (Stray Kids fans) felt like it was due to a large number of maskless attendees.

Consequently, two concerts immediately were postponed. Considering others travel, this caused frustration for many.

So, ahead of TXT’s U.S. tour, netizens have been spreading the word and advising their fellow MOAs to mask up out of concern for something similar happening.

We certainly don’t want any TXT members getting sick, especially not on tour.

Regardless, some fans who were already sick chose to attend anyway. So, even more, MOAs were urged to be cautious.

Now, the day came, and TXT performed a successful first show. Yet, sure enough, many people in attendance were maskless.

Still, TXT had chosen to trust MOAs and walk into the audience anyway.

It excited everyone to see TXT up close and personal like that. The members went into the crowd just like they had done for their previous shows.

The above video went viral with 128.4K views at the time of writing. Yet, many netizens expressed concern for TXT.

Viewers of the video couldn’t help but notice that several people in the crowd, even right next to TXT, were bare-faced.

MOAs online were horrified to see the lack of safety on the part of those. So, the majority of comments called out the “reckless behavior” of non-maskers.

One common excuse for choosing not to wear a mask at a concert is that it may limit interactions with one’s idol. However, many MOAs pointed out that the TXT members showed a preference for those wearing masks.

If that isn’t reason enough to want to wear a mask, others reminded potential concertgoers that there are still several stops for the tour; it’s just the beginning. We can’t afford members getting sick and the tour postponed while they’re already abroad. Unfortunately, after seeing the video, many have lost hope for their concerts, worried that TXT could have easily contracted COVID-19.

So, concertgoers are being urged by their fellow MOAs to follow all safety precautions regarding COVID-19. It is for the sake of all those attending the concert with them and, of course, TXT themselves.

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