Debate Over Masks Sparked By Stray Kids Concerts’ Postponement Since Three Members Tested Positive For COVID-19

STAYs are divided.

Stray Kidsanticipated North American leg of their 2nd World Tour MANIAC officially kicked off this past week with three successful concerts in Newark, New Jersey, and Chicago, Illinois.

Yet, on July 2, it was announced that three members, Lee Know, Felix, and I.N, had tested positive for COVID-19. The rest of the members have tested negative so far, and the members confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 are reportedly not showing symptoms. Previously, STAYs expressed concern over Lee Know’s condition during their first concert.

Still, the concerts for both Atlanta, Georgia, and Fort Worth, Texas, that were scheduled for July 3rd and July 6th, respectively, have been postponed. Live Nation confirmed that it would be rescheduled, though.

Nevertheless, it has affected a lot of people. Not only are members sick, but fans who had planned to travel for the tour are struggling in more ways than one.

Since the announcement, a controversial debate over masks has sparked.


#greenscreen i think it was 3 shows idk doesnt matter. Atlanta and forthworth have been postponed. Wear your fucking mask. #straykids #straykidsstay #skzstay #skz #lovestay #maniacworldtour

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Many STAYs (Stray Kids fans) feel that the members likely contracted COVID-19 from performing their own concerts with fans in attendance not wearing masks.

So, again, they are reiterating the importance masks play in preventing COVID-19. If not for your own safety, at least consider Stray Kids.

Reportedly, many attendants at the concerts have not been wearing masks. Ironically enough, it’s especially those closer to the stage, meaning the ones most likely to interact with the artists, possibly putting them at risk.

Yet, that’s why many of those tend not to wear masks. Some feel that it would ruin their interaction with the member if they were masked.

Some have also pointed out the hypocrisy of some attendants. In the case of one STAY, they expressed their frustrations over the lack of masks being worn and preached about keeping the members of Stray Kids safe. Yet, they revealed that their dad had tested positive for COVID-19 the day before the concert and still attended. So, there is a concern about not just wearing masks but fans attending a concert anyway if they may be sick.

Regardless, STAYs are pointing out the effectiveness of masks. When Stray Kids performed in South Korea and Japan, where masks are mandatory for fans to attend, no one got COVID-19 then.

If people weren’t already upset after the unfortunate news of Lee Know, Felix, and I.N’s testing positive for COVID-19 and concerts’ postponement, they were only more upset when they noticed fan-held events with crowds of maskless attendees.

Netizens feel that some have not learned from the mistakes made already.

Especially considering how precautions Stray Kids and their crew have taken and the fact that concerts have been postponed for over two years due to COVID-19, many STAYs are in disbelief over others’ lack of safety precautions.

We wish Felix, Lee Know, and I.N, along with others who contracted COVID-19, a speedy recovery during this time.

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