TXT And Coi Leray’s On-Stage Interaction Goes Viral For One Specific Moment

One of them is not like the others…

Back in February 2023, TXT fans received a big surprise when they spied a Coi Leray feature on the group’s upcoming album jacket, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION. 

In the following days, the artist posted a few pictures of herself repping a TXT t-shirt with their “Nightmare” concept photo printed on it.

Shortly after this passive confirmation, the official tracklist of The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION was announced, and it turned out the fans were right. Leray had a feature of the track called “Happy Fools,” which then became one of the most popular songs from the album.

Ever since then, fans have been hoping to see the two artists perform the song live together. Earlier this year, when TXT were announced to headline Lollapalooza, MOAs were hopeful that Coi Leray would appear on stage with them as a guest performer. Sadly, that wish didn’t materialize.

Fast forward to now, TXT just wrapped up the U.S. leg of their world tour Act: Sweet Mirage with two back-to-back stadium concerts in Los Angeles. During day 2 of their BMO Stadium show, the group surprised the audience with a guest appearance of Coi Leray on stage! They performed “Happy Fools” together for the first time, finally making MOAs’ wish come true.

While this performance is being talked about quite a lot on social media, a post-performance moment is also going viral. Once TXT and Leray finished performing the song, the rapper greeted the crowd and thanked the audience, as well as TXT. Before exiting the stage, she went in to hug all the members one by one, who hugged her back happily. But fans couldn’t help noticing Soobin‘s manner hand when she went to him for a hug.

The term “manner hands” usually refers to the different ways people, especially public figures in South Korea, use their hands to protect the modesty of themselves or others while on camera. This includes male celebrities hovering their hands in the air in stead of resting it on a woman’s body while posing for photos or hugging them.

Though this practice in itself is not new, what amused TXT fans, and K-Pop fans in general, was the distance Soobin maintained between his hand and Leray’s body while hugging her. Most people started joking that he was hugging the air instead of the rapper.

On the one hand, fans are in splits, but on the other, they are impressed with his respectful manners!