Here Are Actions Fans Do That Make TXT Feel Incredibly Touched And Thankful

You might have made their day by doing these ❤️

MOAs, TXT wants you to know that the love and effort you give them do not go unnoticed!


In an interview with Seventeen, TXT was asked to name actions fans did that made them feel genuinely happy.

What is something your fans did that made you happy?

— Seventeen

Beomgyu chose the time fans held up their phones to shine light on them during a concert. It wasn’t something that was required of fans, but it made the experience much more enjoyable.

For me, in New York during our US showcase tour, our fans held up their phones to shine their lights on us during ‘Nap Of A Star.’ That made me so happy.

— Beomgyu

On the other hand, Taehyun feels touched whenever he reads fan letters because he recognizes how much effort went into making them. He knows firsthand how difficult it is to do because he himself takes a long time to write only a few lines.

For me, I think it’s when I read fan letters. They put so much thought and care into writing them. My handwriting’s not the best, so it takes me an hour just to write three lines.

— Taehyun

With that in mind, he profusely thanked fans. It’s easy to see how grateful he is for them!

Seeing how much love and care MOAs put into their letters, I want to say, really, thank you so much.

— Taehyun

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