TXT’s Hueningkai and Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih Are Superior Siblings In Recent Update

He did her group’s dance challenge!

TXT‘s Hueningkai and Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih are the current hot siblings on the K-Pop market for the 4th generation. While we also have other siblings duos such as ASTRO‘s Moonbin and Billie‘s Sua in the 3.5th generation, we also have iconic sisters, Jessica and Krystal Jung for the 2nd generation.

Fans were tickled when the Huenings previously collaborated to promote TXT’s “Good Boy Gone Bad”. Oldest Huening sib’, Lea Navvab, also joined in.

As Kep1er made a comeback with “Up!” recently, both Bahiyyih and Hueningkai were at music shows at the same time. Of course, they had to take a couple of shots together!

Huening Bahiyyih and Hueningkai. | @kep1erglobal/Twitter

They showed off their close relationship and superior genes.

Huening Bahiyyih and Hueningkai. | @kep1erglobal/Twitter

Hueningkai also participated in the “Up!” dance challenge for TikTok. He danced to his sister’s song perfectly.

Both of them nailed every beat and move.

What a supportive older brother!

Hueningkai has been known as the most supportive older brother ever, cheering Bahiyyih on even when she was a contestant on Girls Planet 999 before debut.

It’s great to be able to see the two siblings interact.

Catch the full cover of “Up!” by the Huening siblings below. Hopefully we get to see Lea join in too.