TXT’s Huening Kai Slipped And Fell At The Airport And The Members Immediately Rushed To His Side

The members rushed to their maknae.

TXT arrived at the airport on their way out to attend the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Japan.


All five members arrived at the airport looking gorgeous in their airport outfits. They were told to situate themselves in a line for the press.


Huening Kai, who was at the back, walked next to Soobin to stand for the photos when he slipped and fell on the slippery floor!


Hearing him fall, all of the members immediately turned towards their maknae and rushed towards him. The staff got to him first and helped him up.


Huening was embarrassed by his fall but tried to walk straight and failed. He limped across the street but Soobin was right next to him, holding him up and helping him walk, while the other members continued to glance at him with concerned looks.


Huening Kai walked into the airport, trying not to worry the fans there but he continued to have a small limp as his manager helped him through the mob of reporters and fans.


Despite his pain, Huening continued to smile for everyone who came out to see them.


Hopefully, Huening Kai wasn’t injured by his fall and will safely arrive in Japan for his promotions.