TXT’s Huening Kai Has Two Sisters And They’re Ridiculously Pretty

Visuals definitely run in this family.

TXT‘s HueningKai isn’t the only good-looking kid in his family. He has two sisters and they’re just as gorgeous as he is!

Lea is HueningKai’s older sister, while Bahiye is his younger sister. They are both stunning and could easily be mistaken for idols themselves.

In fact, Lea used to be an idol. She was a member of the disbanded girl group VIVA, and she now models clothing with her sister, Bahiye.

Lea reportedly graduated from Lila Art High School

…and she has shown love for HueningKai by encouraging everyone to support her brother’s debut.

Bahiye is believed to be a 04 liner, and she has a bright, cheerful personality that’s easy to love.

She and her sister were once both active on Instagram…

However since then, Bahiye has deleted her personal Instagram account, but she does sometimes make a cameo on Leana’s account.

…and they have posted videos of themselves hanging out together.

Fans can’t get over how much these beautiful girls look like their brother…

…and they’re hoping to see more family interactions in the future!