TXT’s Hueningkai Couldn’t Identify The BTS Members Correctly As A Trainee Because Of Two Members

Do you think they look alike too much?

As the relationship between TXT and BTS has grown closer over the years, fans, too, have become fond of their brotherly dynamic. Over the past few years, the two BIGHIT boy groups have shared some pretty wholesome moments together on camera, from TXT being BTS’s number 1 supporter at award shows to Soobin sharing how RM invited him over to his house to give him advice about being the group leader.

TXT and BTS | @bts_twt/Twitter

But as one could imagine, the TXT members were not always this close to their seniors. In fact, Hueningkai admitted that when he was a trainee, he had trouble identifying the BTS members correctly!

On May 7, KST, Hueningkai, and Soobin did a one-and-a-half-hour-long livestream on Weverse, chatting with fans on various topics. During one of the conversations, Soobin mentioned that the three Huening siblings, including Bahiyyih and Lea look so much alike that it fascinates him. When he first met Bahiyyih, he actually mistook her for Lea, whom he had met before.

Hueningkai disagreed, saying that only his sisters have similar faces but not him. But he also shared his story of mistaking two people for each other in BTS. He revealed that back when he was a trainee, he used to get confused between two BTS members quite often because they looked alike with black hair. The members were none other than Jin and Jungkook, the most chaotic duo in the group.

Soobin seemed to agree with the maknae, saying he could see why someone would mistake the two for one another. But the comments were pretty surprised at this revelation. With so many “Huh?” being posted in the comments at the same time, Soobin and Hueningkai broke into laughter as the latter admitted defeat, saying he is probably the only one who felt that way.

To be fair, ARMYs have often noticed that Jungkook and Jin sometimes appear very similar-looking.

Jin and Jungkook at BTS’s Busan concert in October | Twitter

In fact, a fan cam of Jungkook “morphing” into Jin for a second during an award show had gone viral a few years ago. The BTS members themselves have felt the similarity from time to time.

Why do Jin hyung and I look so alike?

—Jungkook speaking in the video

If anything, the fact that Hueningkai got to see Jin and Jungkook up close in person and still got confused between them only proves that fans’ theories about them looking like real siblings were valid all along.

Source: Weverse Live