MOAs Can’t Get Over The Similarities Between TXT’s Hueningkai And His Dad, And Neither Can We

They really said copy-paste.

TXT‘s Hueningkai might have even more in common with his dad than we thought!

Pre-debut Hueningkai with his dad, Nabil Huening |

Hueningkai’s dad is well-known within the TXT fandom. In fact, he’s probably the biggest MOA there is. He often posts about TXT’s accomplishments on his Instagram as well as fellow-MOA edits and even memes on his Instagram Story.

| @hueningnabil/Instagram & @CHERRYU7A/Twitter

His life story is also similar to Hueningkai’s as they are both very multicultural and musically inclined. Nabil David Huening is of German heritage but was born in Brazil. He then moved to Texas with his family when he was four.

Nabil Huening | @nabilhuening/Twitter

When Nabil graduated high school, he went to Hong Kong to study and ended up becoming a celebrity actor and singer (sound similar?). Like Hueningkai, he is also a multilingual king, speaking Mandarin, English, Portuguese, and Korean.

| @beyondsunrises/Twitter

Not only are their stories similar, both having lived in the United States but then moved to Asia and became successful singers, but there’s no denying the similarities in their physical characteristics. After some old footage of Nabil has resurfaced, MOAs are pointing out even more similarities between the father and son.


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♬ 오리지널 사운드 – multizone


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♬ original sound – 👨🏼‍🦱🦿🦾

The facial characteristics, as well as expressions down to mannerisms, are practically identical. As one MOA pointed out on TikTok (@youngboysforces), they even run the same!


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♬ original sound – Pretty girls Stan TXT


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♬ original sound – MYTINYGYU +✶𖧵✜❈❆ – Binjae +✶𖧵✜❈❆

We’re now just waiting for the Nabil Huening photocards to be released!

For more about Hueningkai’s dad, check out the video below:

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