TXT’s Hueningkai Sends A Message Of Support To His Sister Bahiyyih On “Girls Planet 999,” And It Exudes Chaotic Sibling Energy

They are sibling goals!

The new Mnet series Girls Planet 999 has just started, and idols from Korea, Japan, and China are competing for a chance to debut. One of those contestants representing Korea is Bahiyyih!

Although it is clear that she has caught the attention of K-Pop fans because of her stunning visuals and impeccable talent, it is impossible not to note that she is also the younger sister of TXT‘s Hueningkai!

Girls Planet 999 contest Bahiyyih | Mnet

During the recent episode of Girls Planet 999, one of the judges, Sunmi, asked Bahiyyih if she happened to be related to him, and as she agreed, the other contestants showed their surprise at hearing the news!

After they all found out, Sunmi asked if she ever got any advice from her brother, and she explained, “I call him pretty often, so I ask him tips on doing better, so I learn a lot from him.”

The scene then cut to a video call she had with her brother, and it was definitely very adorable!

At the start of the call, Bahiyyih explained that there was some advice she was particularly hoping to get from her brother, but as a true sibling, his reaction wasn’t what she expected.

Oppa! You’re good at facial expressions. I’m planning to focus on my expressions. Why are you laughing?


However, it wasn’t for any harsh reason as Hueningkai replied, “You’re good! You’re really good at it!” With the performances fans have seen from Bahiyyih, there is no denying that it must run in the family!

It seems as if she wanted some proper advice because there is no denying that it is going to be a tough competition. After the compliment, Bahiyyih added, “You’ve never seen me do it before, though!! Please give me some words of support.”

Being the good brother he is, he gave her some wise words to his sister, and you can’t get better than advice from someone who has been in the business for a while.

Hey! Do it right! Get a hold of yourself! You have to do well in order to survive there.

— TXT’s Hueningkai

Obviously, because they seem to be very close, Hueningkai couldn’t miss the opportunity to have some fun with his sister, and it definitely showcased just how strong a bond they have with each other.

You’re really good, though, of course! Not as good as me!

— TXT’s Hueningkai

With her popularity continuing to rise, there is no doubt that Bahiyyih is going to continue to slay the competition and make her own name in the K-Pop industry! No matter what happens, she will always have the support of her brother!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Mnet

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