TXT’s HueningKai Is The Best Brother At Kep1er Bahiyyih’s High School Graduation

Congratulations Bahiyyih!

Kep1er‘s lovely Huening Bahiyyih graduated from high school on February 8, 2023. She attended the esteemed Lila Arts High School. Her siblings, Lea, and TXT‘s HueningKai also attended the school. In HueningKai’s case, he transferred to Hanlim Arts later on.

Despite their busy schedule HueningKai and Lea made sure to go down to support their baby sister. HueningKai is in the midst of promotions for TXT’s “Sugar Rush Ride,” but he still showed up. What a great brother! The trio made sure to pose for a selfie.

| @jleanavvab/Twitter

HueningKai even posed for photos with Bahiyyih’s friends.

| @z1han0325/Twitter

HueningKai and Bahiyyih looked like the perfect sibling duo together. Their visuals are off the charts! He stayed by her throughout the visit, never once leaving her side.

They weren’t the only family members to show their support for Bahiyyih. Bahiyyih’s mom, aunts, and cousin also made it down to the event. Her mother is front and center in the picture, looking proud of her children.

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Congratulations once again on graduating!