TXT’s Hueningkai And Soobin Chose The Angels And Devils Of The Group, And The Rest Weren’t Amused

Would you have picked another member?

Many TXT fans believe that the members are like angels on earth, but not all of them would agree. In fact, some would even say that the others resemble devils more!

In a recent interview with Seventeen, TXT was asked to choose the angels and devils of the group.

Taehyun was the first to voice his answer, and he couldn’t think of anyone in the group who resembles an angel.

Honestly, I don’t think we have an angel.

— Taehyun

Disagreeing, Soobin confidently stated that he and Hueningkai are the angels…

There’s me. Aren’t Hueningkai and I the angels?

— Soobin

…and Hueningkai readily agreed with him! However, it didn’t escape Soobin’s notice that the other members chose to keep silent.

Beomgyu switched the subject, asking who the devils in the group are. Hueningkai nonchalantly pointed at Yeonjun, saying, “There’s one devil here.”

Yeonjun wasn’t about to let the joke slide! He responded by lightly smacking Hueningkai on the back…not that he minded.

Why are you singling me out first?

— Yeonjun

Soobin used their funny interaction as an opportunity to state that Hueningkai is like an angel while Yeonjun is like a devil.

We have the representative devil here and one representative angel, no?

— Soobin

Do you agree with Soobin and Hueningkai’s choices?

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Source: YouTube