TXT Demonstrates What Makes Each Member Charming—And Jessi’s Unfiltered Reaction Was Hilarious

TXT found her comments the funniest 🤣

TXT recently sat down for a fun-filled interview on Showterview with Jessi. To introduce themselves, Jessi went around and asked the members to show off their charming traits that make them unique.

Of course, she didn’t hold back when reacting to everything they said. Check it out below!

1. Soobin

First up, Soobin got everyone’s attention when he announced that he’s “personally in charge of [being the] sexy guy in the group” since he has a “hot guy vibe.”

Jessi’s reaction? A joking “Eww” that made Soobin and everyone in the room laugh. She did, however, follow it with a genuine compliment, “He is sexy though!”

2. Yeonjun

Next up, Yeonjun called his “pretty lips” his main charm point. He has heart-shaped lips that accentuate his gorgeous features!


He gave MOAs a kiss through the camera…

…and Jessi immediately joked, “You don’t have to do it.”

3. Taehyun

Taehyun was actually the member Jessi declared the most good looking early in the interview. She may have laughed at his cheesy lines, but she agreed that he was handsome!

My eyes looking at my dear MOA~

— Taehyun

4. Beomgyu

Like the other members, Beomgyu was confident in his visuals. He didn’t hesitate to say that it was his long, long eyelashes that made him stand out.

I kind of have long eyelashes by nature.

— Beomgyu

Jessi couldn’t refute his claims—she complimented him profusely!

Flawless side face and beautiful eye lashes. His eyelashes are so pretty! All women would love to have eyelashes like this.

— Jessi

Beomgyu and Jessi

5. Huening Kai

Finally, Huening Kai was confident in his answer: what makes him the most charming is his cuteness! He demonstrated a short but memorable aegyo and made the hearts of fans all over the world flutter.

Everyone loved it—yes, even Jessi!

Check out the full interview below for more fun moments between TXT and Jessi!

Source: YouTube