TXT’s Revealing “Genderless” Lace Outfits Earn Mixed Reactions From Netizens

“Is that a bra?”

TXT impressed netizens with their performance at the recent comeback showcase. However, it’s their unique outfit choices that have them divided.

TXT | SpoTV News

All of the members wore suits with pieces of lace, following the “genderless” clothing style trend by incorporating feminine touches to a masculine look. For example, Yeonjun wore a piece of lace tied around his neck, chest, and waist as the only piece of “clothing” under his suit jacket.

Yeonjun | News 1
Yeonjun | Ilgan Sports

It exposed a great deal of skin, especially as he was dancing.

Yeonjun | Segye 
Yeonjun | News 1

Similarly, Beomgyu wore a cropped blazer with lace ribbon tied around his waist.

Yeonjun and Beomgyu | News 1

It exposed most of his back which was adorned with white lace.

Beomgyu | TV Report
Beomgyu | Segye

Taehyun, Huening Kai, and Soobin all had lace implemented into their outfits, as well. However, they were not as revealing as the previous two members.

Taehyun | SpoTV
Huening Kai | Ilgan Sports
Soobin | Ilgan Sports

When looking at Yeonjun and Beomgyu’s outfits, netizens were polarized. Some believed that the look was excessive and too revealing, while others thought it was okay if the fans liked it.

Yeonjun | SpoTV
Yeonjun | Newsen

Some netizens simply criticized the quality of the lace while others disliked the look all together.

Screenshot 2024-04-01 142709
| theqoo
  • “The ribbon material is a bit disappointing…”
  • “Hmm, it’s not pretty but I think it would have been better without the lace.”
  • “What is this, a bra?”
  • “They say it’s ‘genderless’ but… just do it in moderation”
  • “Oh…”
  • “Oh I hate this”
  • “I hate this fr.”
  • “It’s not pretty…”
  • “This is a bit much;;;; Something with straps would have been better… If the fans like it, then that’s fine. But it looks too much like underwear.”

It’s certainly a unique look that everyone has their own opinion on!

Source: theqoo


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