TXT Released “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” Concept Trailer And MOAs Are Freaking Out

They said trailer but gave us a whole movie!

TXT previously announced their comeback with the album The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. Now, they have released their concept trailer.

The action-packed trailer begins with the boys playing in an arcade when suddenly a snowball hits Beomgyu‘s head. Things get even weirder when Soobin attempts to insert another coin into the machine’s slot, only for it to be frozen. The group then leaves the arcade to explore the seemingly deserted mall and defend themselves from icy attacks.


The trailer has left MOAs completely shook. For one thing, the boys are all sporting new looks and are handsome as ever.

The trailer itself, though, literally feels like way more than a trailer. MOAs are saying that it feels more like a whole movie rather than a trailer. Many are comparing it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Matrix trilogy. Not only does each TXT member defy gravity with their stunts, but there’s a whole dance break too!


MOAs are also pointing out similarities between the choreography from the dance break and the trailer’s concept to their performance at the 2020 Melon Music Awards. Fans continue to be amazed by how much detail and precision go into TXT’s universe.

| @BookishT_S/Twitter & HYBE LABELS & Melón

The concept trailer is just the beginning. TXT’s comeback schedule includes a lot more exciting things to look forward to, including a tracklist, three versions of concept photos, and an album preview.


Check out the concept trailer below:

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