TXT Reported To Have Undergone Testing For Coronavirus After A Television Appearance

A guest on a show TXT was on was in close contact with a confirmed case.

It was reported that boy group TXT had undergone coronavirus testing and are currently awaiting the results.

BigHit Entertainment representatives told media outlet XSports news that the group had gone for testing after their appearance on EBS‘s Boni Hani on 19 November 2020. On the program, one of the other guests had been informed that they were in firsthand contact with a confirmed case for coronavirus. As such, TXT was quickly sent for testing as well.

| BigHit Entertainment

Although there were no official requests by the government for TXT to go for testing, they had voluntarily gone to be tested as a preventative measure on 25 November 2020 and is said to be awaiting the results.

On the other hand, EBS staff and crew for Boni Hani are all under self-quarantine for the time being as they are now classified under secondhand contact.


Source: Xsports


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