TXT’s Beomgyu and Soobin Were The Largest Fanboys Of IU Ever As They Gushed To MOAs About “The Golden Hour”

Fans got real-time updates of their fanboy adventures.

IU recently held the first day of her 2022 concert, The Golden Hour. IU’s concerts are known to be completely legendary, lasting for between 3 to 5 hours each time. Ticketing is naturally a bloodbath, but if you’re lucky enough to be invited, then you’re all set. Fanboys TXT‘s Beomgyu and Soobin were two of the lucky few! They made their way to the concert venue in Jamsil excitedly. Beomgyu shared the news with fans via Weverse, accompanied by a picture of the golden sunset.

“We’ll be back after enjoying IU sunbaenim’s concert.” | Weverse

Fans wished them a happy time but were curious if they followed the dress code. The dress code was orange, to match the title of the concert.

Orange isn’t a common color though!

I didn’t have any orange clothes, but instead, I’ve brought along many orange items.

— Beomgyu

A fan concernedly suggested that he buy a carrot on the way there. Beomgyu hilariously mistook the innocent suggestion as a concert rule.

A carrot…? Did she ask fans to bring a carrot? Oh, because it’s orange? Ah, I really almost stopped by a mart to get one.

— Beomgyu

He even went through the lightstick problem that most fans go through. Fans wanting to buy lightsticks at the venue are often disappointed when they sell out.

Ah please, is there anyone who will leave one each for me and Soobin?

— Beomgyu

As a dedicated UAENA, he was looking to “all the songs!

Fan asking which song Beomgyu was looking forward to the most. | Weverse

At least now he knows perfectly how MOAs feel. A fan “sobbed” as they related to Beomgyu that this was exactly how MOAs feel.

So this is how MOAs who come to out concerts feel like… I need to work harder at performing.

— Beomgyu

After the concert was over, he was duly floored by the large scale of it. IU’s concert had fireworks, a hot air balloon, and even a drone show!

I really swallowed by tears a few times there. Ha.

— Beomgyu

Soobin also was moved to tears! When a fan asked how IU looked like in real life, he also called her “a princess.”

Tears kept flowing out as I watched. It was the best 3 hours ever.

— Soobin

Seems like the boys fully enjoyed themselves! A fan snapped a quick picture of them after the concert was over. Spy Beomgyu’s little orange hat and umbrella!


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