BTS’s Jungkook Inspires TXT’s Beomgyu And Soobin For Their Weverse Live

“I totally get why he does it.”

TXT recently concluded the third show of their Act: Sweet Mirage world tour. Despite just performing a successful show in Singapore, leader Soobin took to Weverse Live to communicate with MOAs.

While the live broadcast was originally just Soobin, most of his members soon joined him one by one, although they had been staying in rooms separately.

While Beomgyu was in his room, he was enjoying the time being live with MOAs. Interestingly, it made him think of someone else…

Beomgyu | Weverse

BTS‘s Jungkook!

Jungkook | Weverse

Relaxing in the hotel room while interacting with MOAs on Weverse Live was so fun that it helped him understand why Jungkook does live broadcasts so often these days from his home. So, he mentioned it to Soobin, saying that Jungkook often does live broadcasts.


Beomgyu: I get why people do lives like this. Every time I go online, I see Jungkook hyung doing a live.

Soobin: Jungkook hyung?

Beomgyu: He goes live at home… I totally get why he does it.

Beomgyu is not wrong. The BTS maknae has become increasingly active on Weverse Live, especially since he deactivated his Instagram account.

Soobin suggested that doing a live broadcast in their dorm as Jungkook does at home rather than in their company building would be a fun idea. Beomgyu agreed and proposed they do it together.


Soobin: I want to do it too at our dorm.

Beomgyu: It’s fun! Should we go live together?

Soobin and Beomgyu were in agreement. They will do a Weverse Live from their dorm one day.


Soobin: Let’s do it then.

Beomgyu: Okay.

So, when TXT return to Korea after their world tour, we have a Weverse Live to look forward to from this duo!

Watch the full clip below.