TXT’s Soobin Is The Biggest Fanboy As He Can’t Stop Dancing To BTS’s “Dynamite”

Who has danced to “Dynamite” more? 🕺

MC Soobin is back and so is his love for BTS and “Dynamite.” On the latest episode of KBS Music Bank, BTS broke the record for most Korean music show wins with “Dynamite.”

Of course, when “Dynamite” won again, Soobin had to dance along to the music. It’s also been about 32 weeks since TXT‘s Soobin started MCing on Music Bank with OH MY GIRL‘s Arin. Since this was the 16th win for “Dynamite,” he has literally been dancing to the hit song for half of his MC career! 

Like the successful fanboy he is, Soobin can’t stop dancing to BTS with each one of its wins. In a way, one could argue that he has performed “Dynamite” more than BTS. This will be his 15th time dancing to it on Music Bank already.

I don’t think there’s anyone who loves “Dynamite” more than Soobin. He’s even performed it with the rest of TXT.

Considering he’s been dancing parts of the choreography for months, Soobin has to have mastered the choreography now. Here’s hoping to see a full performance from him and Arin in the near future!

Source: Big Hit Labels
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