TXT’s Soobin Has Fans Emotional After Explaining The Origin Of His Hedgehog’s Name

“…I’m crying my eyes out, he’s the sweetest ever.”

MOAs know that TXT‘s Soobin has a unique and precious pet in his two-year-old hedgehog named Odi.

TXT’s Soobin with Odi | @txt_member/Twitter

Soobin adopted Odi in April 2021 and first shared photos of his beloved pet with MOAs in June of that same year.

Soon after Soobin introduced Odi to fans, he had a growing fan base and was hilariously featured in his own fancam by Mnet.

Even when Soobin is busy with his schedules or touring, he makes sure Odi is in good hands with his family and frequently receives updates.

Soobin has been a doting pet dad to Odi and never misses an opportunity to show him off to fans.

In TXT’s recently released video with Vanity Fair, Soobin informed viewers of his hedgehog back home and explained the heartwarming reason he gave Odi the name he did.

TXT’s Beomgyu (left), Taehyun (top left), Hueningkai (top right), Soobin (bottom left), and Yeonjun (bottom right) | Vanity Fair/YouTube

In their Vanity Fair video, TXT answered questions about each other to see how well they knew their fellow members.

Soobin asked his fellow members the pre-prepared question, “What is my pet’s name?” and Hueningkai was quick to answer, “Odi.”

TXT’s leader explained that in Korea, there’s a belief that if one names a pet after food, they’ll live a long life.

Due to this belief, Soobin named his hedgehog Odi, which is the Korean word for mulberry. He named him Odi with the hope that he will have a long life.

MOAs were emotional after learning about the origin of Odi’s name and nominated Soobin as “best [pet] dad.

Check out the full adorable moment from Vanity Fair‘s video below!