TXT Soobin’s Pet Is So Popular Even Mnet Made A Fancam For Him

“Odi, congratulations on your debut.”

TXT‘s Soobin‘s pet hedgehog Odi is loved by more than the members. Fans adore him for being a precious part of the TXT family.

Soobin and Odi. | @TXT_members/Twitter

It turns out that Mnet is also a fan of Odi, going so far as making a fancam for him.

Knowing that fans were curious about Odi, Soobin posted a clip of the hedgehog on Twitter, calling it a fancam. That was all Mnet needed.

Playing TXT’s “Poppin’ Star” and placing Mnet’s logos on the clip, their MPD account uploaded a fancam just for Odi.

They even gave Odi an ending fairy pose at the end.

Never missing a chance to be playful, MOAs congratulated Odi on his fancam debut and joked that he “paved the way” for pets.

Whether it’s TXT, fans, or Mnet, Odi is loved.

| @TXT_members/Twitter


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