TXT’s Soobin Inspires Suga To Nominate One BTS Member For The “I’m Sorry For Being Cute” Challenge

“If ARMYs ask him to do it, he has to do it right away!”

As with tradition among the BTS members, BTS’s Suga made sure to spend part of his 30th birthday with ARMYs through an iconic Weverse live broadcast.

BTS’s Suga during his birthday Weverse live broadcast. | @Slvhope/Instagram

Like most BTS live streams, Suga’s was equal parts chill and chaotic. To celebrate the second oldest group member taking another trip around the sun, the younger members made sure to show up and show out, hilariously turning Weverse into their personal group chat when Suga wasn’t responding to their messages.

Suga didn’t forget the younger members, though, and one member specifically came to mind when he began talking about his junior labelmates TXT.

Suga has been busy preparing for his first solo world tour, SUGA | Agust D, and recently started live practice for the 20-city tour announced in February.

During one of his visits to the HYBE building, he came across the TXT members during one of the group’s video fan sign events.

While passing by, he witnessed TXT’s leader Soobin doing the “I’m sorry for being cute” challenge that’s been popular on TikTok.


Yoongi’s live reaction to Soobin’s “I’m sorry, I’m cute” challenge 😂 he’s so whipped to Soobin’s cuteness 😭 #yoongi #bts #bangtan #soobin #txt #fypシ #foryoupage

♬ 可愛くてごめん (feat. かぴ) – HoneyWorks

Suga was impressed with how well Soobin did the challenge and had one BTS member in mind that he wanted to join the trend.

Among his younger group members, Suga designated Jimin as the maknae-line member he wanted to participate in the challenge.

BTS’s Suga (left) and Jimin (right)

Suga was so confident Jimin would excel that he hilariously instructed Jimin, who was watching the live broadcast, to go and learn the challenge quickly.

Suga even declared he was going to join Jimin’s upcoming video fan call event and request to see him do the “sorry, I’m cute” challenge live.

The older member hilariously shared that Jimin told him he would hang up if he saw his face, but that didn’t stop Suga from looking up the latest trends for video call challenges.

Suga may have been teasing his younger group member, but the maknae-line and J-Hope had their “revenge.”

Check out Jungkook, V, J-Hope, and Jimin’s chaotic involvement in Suga’s live in the article below!

BTS Suga’s Birthday Livestream Causes Chaos Among The Other Members


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