Here’s The Hilarious Reason TXT’s Soobin Won’t Be Opening An Instagram Account Any Time Soon

MOAs will have to cope with Soobin’s Twitter game!

In the past, it was very rare for K-Pop idols to have their own social media accounts, and the members would usually post images through a group account monitored by staff.

However, more recently, it has become more common for individual members to open their own Instagram accounts, and it was a similar situation for the members of TXT.

Members of TXT | @TXT_Bighit/ Twitter

TXT’s Yeonjun shocked fans earlier in the month when he opened his own Instagram account with the username @yawnzzn and treated fans to an adorable first post…

TXT Yeonjun’s first IG post | @yawnzzn/ Instagram

Although he hasn’t posted anything else yet, just Yeonjun creating one had fans excited. Of course, it then led them to wonder when the other members would join him. Although all members are very active on Twitter, MOAs want the group to have their own platforms to share content on.

Although netizens found evidence that maybe Taehyun might have an account…

There is one person that MOAs shouldn’t expect to see an account from in the near future, and that is none other than leader Soobin. For many, they thought he’d be one of the first members to open one as he has always loved treating fans to selfies on Twitter!

TXT’s Soobin | @TXT_members/ Twitter
| @TXT_members/ Twitter

Yet, it seems like an Instagram account is definitely not on the cards for the idol. On January 11, Soobin went on Weverse to answer fans about everything, including what he was doing, Hueningkai‘s collaboration with his sister Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih, and more.

Although Soobin explained that HYBE let the members choose if they wanted to open an account, a fan asked, “Can you tell us when you’ll make an Instagram account?” Fans were quickly disappointed when Soobin replied, “I’m not gonna make one.

| Weverse

There was no way MOAs were going to let Soobin off the hook that easily. Another fan then asked TXT’s leader why he didn’t want to open one, and Soobin had the funniest and maybe most relatable answer by saying, “Because I’m lazy…

| Weverse

Of course, anyone with a social media account knows how difficult and time-consuming it is to maintain, especially when it comes to Instagram and consistently posting pictures. Yet, with the number of amazing selfies he posts on Twitter, it shouldn’t be too hard.

| @TXT_members/ Twitter
| @TXT_members/ Twitter

Hopefully, the members will persuade Soobin to open one or appear on their accounts if he doesn’t want his own. No matter what, MOAs will always have Twitter to satisfy their Soobin needs.

You can read more about Yeonjun opening his account below.

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Source: Weverse