TXT’s Soobin Drops His #1 Skincare Tip For Flawless Skin

After seeing his flawless skin, fans wanted to know.

Marking the group’s return from their much-needed break, TXT‘s Soobin treated fans by uploading a series of candid photos where he showed off his bare face.

Soobin | @TXT_members/Twitter

Seeing how flawless and healthy Soobin’s skin looked in the photos, fans couldn’t help asking for his skincare secrets to achieve the same glowy skin.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

A fan made their way to Weverse and asked Soobin how he managed to get skin as smooth as a “baby’s butt,” requesting his full skincare routine.

Soobin, your skin looks like a baby’s butt. Your skin looks so good… Please, tell us your skincare routine!

— Fan

| @TXT_members/Twitter

Instead of a complete nine-step skincare routine, Soobin responded with a single tip that everyone can fit into their schedule. All that it took was the right amount of rest.

I’m not even kidding when I say it’s because I slept for half the day during our break. My damaged skin cured itself.

— Soobin

| Weverse

While getting enough sleep is often overlooked, one of its many benefits is indeed promoting healthy skin. Just look at Soobin’s beautiful bare face to prove it.

| @TXT_members/Twitter


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