TXT’s Soobin Gets Spotted In The Most Unexpected Place—His Own Fan Event

Equal parts chaotic and wholesome.

On March 3, TXT‘s leader Soobin briefly shared that he had met a few fans that day and said it made him happy to share such a wholesome relationship with MOAs.

A few days later, a fan shared what exactly happened during that encounter Soobin mentioned. It turns out the idol ended up joining his own fan event unexpectedly!

| @soobinloverclub/Twitter

The OP (original poster) was attending a TXT fan gathering at a cafe when some of them spotted a familiar figure in the distance. They quickly realized it was Soobin from his shirt, bag, and unmistakable blonde hair.

Despite spotting him so nearby, the fans didn’t approach Soobin. Instead, he was the one who took out his earphones and kept looking back at them. So, OP made a TXT hand gesture toward him, followed by his iconic Soobin peace pose.

“Soobin peace” pose | Weverse

In response, the TXT member walked over to the gathering and interacted with everyone present. According to OP, he happily heard stories of what the fans did during the event and even saw the pictures they had clicked. There were quite a few MOAs there, but Soobin made sure to interact with every single one of them! In the end, he enthusiastically shook hands with OP and left the event while making heart signs at the fans.

| @soobinloverclub/Twitter

While fans are happy that Soobin got to see how much he is appreciated, they couldn’t help feeling a bit jealous at the luck of those attending the event.

Though Soobin is already known for his kind and lovable personality, the fact that he treated his fans with so much respect only shows why people around him can’t help falling in love with him immediately!