TXT’s Taehyun Had The Best Reaction After Remembering Justin Bieber Is Part Of The “2022 Weverse Con” Lineup

Taehyun is definitely a shook Belieber!

Earlier in the year, it was announced that HYBE would be merging with Scooter Braun‘s investment company Ithaca Holdings earlier in the year. With this, it saw a merger of companies with both big K-Pop names and Western musicians, including Justin Beiber! One group that has shared their excitement about this is TXT!

The members of TXT | BigHit Entertainment

The first big event that showcased what fans could expect from the merger was the announcement that Justin Beiber would perform alongside other artists at 2022 Weverse Con. In particular, when Weverse released the poster, fans couldn’t get over the fact that Justin Beiber was on the poster with other idols.

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Yet, there was one other person who seemed just as shocked, and it was TXT’s Taehyun. On December 21, Taehyun went live with fans and discussed everything from their award performances, plans for the holiday season, and more.


Of course, one of those plans was the Weverse Con concert, and he explained what his own reaction was when he saw the poster. 

I saw the poster for that. You could see the lineup, and in the left-hand corner was Justin Beiber.


He definitely had one of the most relatable reactions and something that most netizens had when they first saw the poster. Taehyun explained that after seeing Justin Beiber’s picture, he thought, “What are you doing here?”


However, fans loved this reaction even more because even though all of the members of TXT love Justin Beiber, Taehyun is probably the biggest fan and has showcased his inner Belieber on many occasions. From covering his song “Stay” with Yeonjun…


To calling Justin Beiber one of his influences…

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And naming him as the artist he wants to collaborate with. It isn’t surprising that Taehyun was still pretty shocked to see Justin Beiber’s face near his on a poster.

It also isn’t the first time that a member of TXT momentarily forgot that they were now under the same company as the likes of Justin Beiber and Ariana Grande.

During a live broadcast, Soobin still seemed shocked by the idea and couldn’t wait for the time restrictions were eased and the Western artists could visit them.

We have kind of become one family. It’s so fascinating. I thought that they brought everything, and they’re even going to bring Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande? Is this right?

— Soobin


With the merger still fairly new, it’s not surprising that TXT is still shocked at the idea of being in the same company as a worldwide star as Justin Beiber. Hopefully, when restrictions ease, they can perform together on the same stage.

You can read more about TXT’s reactions to being under the same company as Justin Beiber and other Western artists below.

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