TXT’s Taehyun Reveals His Meaningful Reaction To BTS’s “Permission To Dance” And What He Said To J-Hope After Watching The MV

“As soon as I watched it, I contacted Hobi-hyung.”

BTS just released their highly anticipated music video for “Permission to Dance,” The upbeat song was produced by Ed SheeranSteve MacJohnny McDaid, and Jenna Andrews. As Ed Sheeran had mentioned before its release, “It’s very dancey.

The song and its music video have both already received a lot of praise and as always, ARMYs have expressed their love for it all on social media! One well-known ARMY that also displayed his love is TXT‘s Taehyun!

In his recent live broadcast, Taehyun was asked whether or not he listened to BTS’s “Permission to Dance” and he responded, “Of course I listened to it!

Taehyun then went on to praise BTS for having such meaningful concepts that don’t center around themselves.

I really liked it. In my opinion, if you look back at Michael Jackson’s path, such as the themes in the songs his songs, as time passed, he used themes that are like public service advertisements and not personal, like world peace, earth, the environment, and children. I think our sunbaenims (BTS) are doing that as well.

— Taehyun

As a proud ARMY, Taehyun shared that he contacted J-Hope to tell him how much he enjoyed the song and its music video.

As soon as I watched it, I contacted Hobi-hyung (J-Hope) to tell him that it was really good—the song is really good, and the music video’s vibe is also really nice. The scene where they took off their masks was also quite touching.

— Taehyun

Check out the clip below:

Source: Naver TV