TXT’s Taehyun Expresses His Anger At The 2022 Beijing Olympics Short Track Speed-Skating Event

Many Koreans are angry.

The 2022 Beijing Olympics has barely kicked off but its results have already been facing multiple controversies. When China’s team won gold for short-track speed skating, other teams and fans from all over the globe, accused the judges of being biased. As the 2022 Olympics was hosted in China, many claimed the judges were giving favor to the home team.

Short-track speed skating match. | Korea Herald
Koreans were duly upset at the results and have been criticizing the alleged unfair play of the Chinese team. A replay of the match involving a Korean and Chinese speed skater seemingly showed the Chinese skater pushing the Korean skater on the knee to seemingly slow him down.

Korean nationals were also duly upset when they realized that Korean team’s Park Jang Hyuk was injured during the match. According to news outlet Joongang Daily, an Italian speed-skater had crashed into him during an attempt to overtake his components. Park Jang Hyuk fell from the collision and a Chinese speed-skater who was following from behind accidentally skated over his hand.

Park Jang Hyuk getting treated on site for his injury. | Newsis

While BTS‘s RM had already shown his love and support for the Korean national team, TXT’s Taehyun also expressed his opinion about the games.

One fan on Weverse expressed her anger over the recent short-track events and asked if he had tuned in to the Olympics as well.

Oppa, did you watch the Olympics?

+Oh wow. Oppa, is this true? Thank you. Really…  I can’t accept [the results]

No matter how many times I rewatch it, the short track event was too much.


Taehyun candidly replied that he had watched it with Hueningkai, then continued to express how angry he was with the results.

I just watched it with Huekai. 😡😡 Is this for real..?

— Taehyun

Currently, many South Koreans are angered over the short-track speed-skating match results. It appears Taehyun also agrees as he can’t accept the results as valid.

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