TXT’s Taehyun Goes Viral For His “Sassy” Response To A Fan’s Weverse Post

It all started with TXT’s “shirtless” concept photos 😂

TXT released their anticipated concept photos for their January 27 comeback, The Name Chapter: Temptation.

Maknae Hueningkai previously let MOAs know what they can expect from their comeback, stating that it will follow their “Good Boy Gone Bad” concept as it transforms into a new phase in their life.

This album’s concept focuses on how the guys from our last album transformed and embraced a new phase of their youth.


(From left to right) TXT’s Taehyun, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, and Hueningkai in their “Good Boy Gone Bad” concept photo | BIGHIT MUSIC

Just before the new concept photos dropped, Hueningkai again addressed MOAs, this time warning fans they may be a little shocked.

Shortly afterward, fans found out why Hueningkai left that particular warning as they viewed the group’s new “Daydream” concept photos.

(From left to right) TXT’s Beomgyu, Soobin, Hueningkai, Yeonjun, and Taehyun | BIGHIT MUSIC

The dreamy and shirt-optional concept photos immediately went viral as fans hilariously took to social media to share their reactions.

As various hashtags trended on Twitter, MOAs also took over TXT’s Weverse fan community with reactions for the artists to read.

Member Taehyun was lurking among the reactions and went viral when he jokingly and playfully “shut down” a MOA’s excited reaction to his concept photos. The fan animatedly complimented Taehyun’s visuals, and his response was a hilariously simple, “calm down.”

Taehyun’s response began to trend on Twitter as fans hilariously wondered how they were supposed to calm down, “blaming” TXT for the chaos.

TXT will release their new mini-album, The Name Chapter: Temptation on January 27!

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