TXT Taehyun’s Witty Stage Name For An “&AUDITION – The Howling” Trainee Was An Instant Hit

“I was hoping that TXT could make up a new [stage name] for me.”

TXT‘s appearance on the show &AUDITION – The Howling created some funny moments for the group and the trainees. One of those moments was Taehyun fulfilling a trainee’s wish for a new stage name.


When it was time to ask any last-minute questions, Gaku immediately raised his hand. Speaking in Japanese, he said, “I was hoping that TXT could make up a new nickname for me, please.” Taehyun instantly picked up on his meaning, “He wants a stage name!

Taehyun was just as quick to fulfill Gaku’s request. Taehyun announced, “Since he’s Gaku, let’s go with Ongaku.

The stage name was so well-received that all of the trainees burst into laughter, especially Gaku. They weren’t the only ones enjoying the witty stage name, either.

Even Yeonjun laughed so hard that he covered his face. There was a reason why the name was so hilarious to everyone.

Taehyun explained, “Since it means music, and you’re doing music.” As the witty person who came up with the name, Taehyun couldn’t help laughing either.

Gaku was so into the new name that he already introduced himself with it for his onstage persona.

See Taehyun make all of them laugh with his hilariously witty stage name for Gaku.