“Lay Down And Do A Plank…” TXT Reveal A Shocking Anecdote About An Interaction With Their Senior BigHit Entertainment Trainees

“They suddenly came to us with that negative vibe…”

The life of a K-Pop trainee is anything but easy, and more idols have become open about sharing their experiences.

While HYBE is always praised for handling their artists, the members of TXT recently shared some dark stories about their times training under BigHit Entertainment.

The members of TXT | @txt_bighit/Twitter

Recently, TXT’s Soobin, Taehyun, and Hueningkai chatted with fans on a Weverse live broadcast.

While much of the broadcast was light-hearted, this particular stream gained attention as the members seemed to look back on their trainee days, showcasing their hardships. In particular, they revealed a harsh story about the treatment of their senior trainees.

During the broadcast, Taehyun revealed that there were a few moments he remembers, specifying one as he explained, “The other [memory] was when Kai was messing around, and the ‘Hey, you, come outside [moment].”

Hueningkai revealed that there was a place where the advanced dance classes took place and one time, the three members were in there doing some language homework.

During that time, there was a small window, and Hueningkai explained that he could see what the senior trainees were learning, and specified a particular move where they had to “pull something and and then come back.”

Because they could hear everything, Hueningkai explained that he suddenly started dancing along.

Yet, it seemed like the older trainees who were practicing must have heard or seen what Hueningkai was doing. Taehyun revealed that they suddenly knocked on their door and told them to come out, and Soobin shared the harsh words they got.

They were like, ‘Is this funny to you?’ and ‘The hyungs are filming a video and you’re at the back doing this…’

— Soobin

Hueningkai honestly shared that he didn’t know that they were filming anything at the time, and Soobin went into more detail about the incident.

He explained that about five of the younger trainees were gathered in the room when Hueningkai was acting cute, and they couldn’t help but react. After the older trainees heard, they came, and Soobin explained that there was a really negative vibe.

If the “telling off” wasn’t enough, Taehyun added that when the older trainees made them go outside, they told them to lay down and plank.

It’s not surprising to hear that the trainees took hierarchy seriously, but considering they were all aiming for one goal, the response to Hueningkai just having fun seems harsh.

Source: TXT/Weverse