Fans Request BigHit’s Feedback About TXT’s And Tiffany’s Shared Fan Club Name

“They should give some response on this thing. If not, it won’t settle itself.” – Fan

Fans who have voiced their concerns about TXT‘s official fan club name are now reaching out to Big Hit Entertainment for a response.


On April 25, TXT revealed their official fan club name. Over a 2-week period, fans submitted names for consideration, which were all read and taken into consideration by TXT’s members. In the end, the members all agreed on “YOUNG ONE”.


“YOUNG ONE” is, however, already the name of Tiffany Young‘s fan club. For this reason, many fans of both TXT and Tiffany have voiced their concerns about the overlap.

“Young Ones because it means forever, and you guys are my forevers.”

— Tiffany


Nearly a week has passed since the news broke, but as of May 1 fans have received no official statement about the matter. They are now tweeting out at the company using the hashtag “BigHitWeJustWantFeedback” in the hopes of getting a response.


Fans of both TXT and Tiffany are hoping that Big Hit Entertainment will address the issue soon to stop fan wars before they start.

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