“HATE TXT” Trends On Twitter, Why It Might Be A Genius Marketing Strategy

If you saw it trending, would you click?

What do the terms “END TXT” and “HATE TXT” have in common? They just might be a genius marketing strategy for the group’s highly anticipated comeback.

While Taehyun has been ready to spill all the details and Beomgyu has steadily been handing out hints, TXT is officially kicking off their comeback for their mini-album, minisode 2: Thursday’s Child with an entire “spoiler week.”

They started by releasing the new comeback logo…

…which has been a key indicator of the group’s growth over the years.

While all of this has been exciting for fans, a key detail is making the rounds. The mini-album will have three versions, all with interesting names: “HATE”, “END”, and “MESS.”

The unconventional names even trended on Twitter

| Twitter

…prompting some non-fans, to wonder what was happening.

Generally, a trending term such as “hate” might lead people to believe it comes from a negative association.

Fans think, that’s exactly the point. In fact, it could be used in their favor as a type of “clickbait.”

Anti-fans might even use such terms and accidentally do something good for a group they claim to dislike through unintentional promotion. Regardless, the group would receive more attention due to these eye-catching terms.

And, if someone does search “TXT MESS” or “TXT END,” the album versions will pop up.

It’s kind of genius.