TXT’s “Ultimate Flirt” Yeonjun Can’t Hide His Reaction After Meeting His Match During A Video Fansign

A lucky MOA hilariously flips the script on Yeonjun 😂

TXT‘s Yeonjun has hilariously earned a reputation as the “ultimate flirt” among MOAs, leaving fans swooning and “stressed” whenever he pops online.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter

The group’s oldest member frequently visits Weverse, where he always leaves a lasting impression after chatting with MOAs.

Most often, he spends his time playfully “flirting” with MOAs, leading to some legendary moments, like when he “dated” a fan for five seconds after they asked him out and then bluntly “broke up” with them.

| Weverse

  • Fan: “Yeonjun~~Let’s go out for 5 seconds”
  • Yeonjun: “It’s passed so let’s break up now…”

In another instance, a curious MOA asked Yeonjun what he thought about when he wasn’t sleeping, to which he cheekily responded with “you.”

| Weverse

  • Fan: “What do you do when you’re not sleeping?”
  • Yeonjun: “Umm I think about you? 😉”

When he’s not flirting with MOAs, he’s casually flirting with top 4th-gen idols, including ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung and NCT 127‘s Taeyong.

During a recent fan call event, Yeonjun hilariously got a taste of his own medicine when a MOA flipped the script and flirted with him first.

| @Chuni_yi/Twitter

The lucky MOA shared the adorable interaction where they attempted to “trick” him into saying, “What’s the matter, baby?

The MOA began by asking Yeonjun, “what would you pick between a baby goat and the matter baby?”

Yeonjun appeared hilariously and understandably confused at the odd phrasing and repeated the question before asking just what the MOA wanted him to ask when he said, “What’s [the] matter, baby?”

The fan quickly said, “nothing, baby,” which confused Yeonjun even more as he said, “huh?” and then repeated, “matter baby,” after a short pause.

The adorable interaction quickly gained over 34,200 views on Twitter as Yeonjun’s genuine reaction to being on the receiving end of a flirty pick-up line was captured on camera.

Fellow MOAs couldn’t get over his cute reaction while some hilariously wondered how quickly he went to Google to figure out what a “matter baby” was.

The lucky MOA can now say they successfully flirted with Yeonjun and even left him stumped!

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