TXT’s Yeonjun Stresses Out Fans By Being The Ultimate Flirt

We too would like to flirt with Yeonjun!

TXT‘s Yeonjun is known for attracting attention wherever he goes, be it from fans or locals. Yeonjun’s naturally flirty personality is something that makes watching him interesting, but can “stress” out fans when it’s directed to other MOA!

TXT’s Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter

Yeonjun recently went on a reply spree on social media platform Weverse and seemed to have fun charming MOA. When a fan stated they were just thinking about him, Yeonjun’s wittily replied “oh, we’re connected huh?

Yeonjun’s next reply went straight for the heart.

Fan: What do you do when you’re not sleeping?
Yeonjun: Umm I think about you? 😉 

A fan tried to get Yeonjun to take responsibility for seducing them, but Yeonjun just asks “who asked you to fall for it~?”.

Never fear, Yeonjun is also open to being “seduced” as well.

Fan: Yeonjun-ah, if I seduce you, would you fall for it?
Yeonjun: Maybe after seeing what you do?

Yeonjun knows that he is a flirt, which makes him all the more dangerous. When a fan realized they kept falling for it earlier this year, Yeonjun’s basically responded that they shouldn’t be surprised and that it keeps happening all the time!

Fans on Twitter had strong responses to this latest flirting session as well. Yeonjun is known for rejecting fans’ flirting from time to time, but the hot and cold behavior just makes MOA more excited!

TXT as a whole are agents of chaos so it’s no surprise that Yeonjun seems to enjoy the pandamonium he causes in the fandom with his flirting. You can rest assured fans can expect more flirting from him in the future!


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