TXT Will Perform In Bigger Venues And Newer Locations Next Year According To HYBE

MOAs, get ready to empty your purses next year!

On August 3, HYBE Labels released a report stating its total sales and operating profits for the second quarter of 2022. Along with the report, the company also provided an overview of the future activities planned for the artists under the label.


Talking about TXT, the narrated report stated that the group will continue their 20-concert tour Act: Lovesick. Out of the 14 cities on the tour stop list, the group has already finished touring Seoul and seven other cities in the U.S. From September, the quintet is scheduled to resume their tour in Japan and other Asian countries.


But the most exciting part of this report is that in 2023, TXT is planning to continue their concerts in bigger venues.

To date their concerts have all been sold out and the group is going to meet their fans on even larger stages and more diverse locations next year

— HYBE Labels

Needless to say, MOAs reacted to this update very positively. A few months ago, when Act: Lovesick tour was announced, fans were upset that TXT were performing at very low-capacity venues that were disproportional to their fan following. Even members of the group hinted that they would like to perform at bigger venues and meet more fans during the tour.

Seeing the overwhelming reception TXT got at Lollapalooza, this decision could not have come at a more ideal time!

Source: HYBE


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