Here’s Why TXT’s Yeonjun Is Called The “4th Gen It-Boy”

He revealed how he feels about the nickname.

TXT‘s Yeonjun revealed how he feels about being nicknamed the “It-Boy” of the 4th generation of K-Pop idols in a recent interview with Paper Magazine.

To start, he defined the term, believing an idol can earn the impressive nickname from a combination of “being visible, being really good, working hard, and standing out.”

| Paper Magazine

When it comes to how he feels about being given the title, he revealed it actually acts as a motivator for him and all of TXT.

It’s a big sense of pride for sure. When we first heard this title, it really felt like we were being recognized. For me, it’s a really great title. I feel like it’s something that I should strive to maintain. There’s that element of pressure, but I’m really thankful for that pressure.

— Yeonjun

As someone who thrives under pressure, Yeonjun pushes himself to work harder. It’s this work ethic that earned him the nickname of “legendary trainee” by ranking first in his monthly evaluations prior to his debut.

| Paper Magazine

Pushing himself to live up to the name, he never takes a moment of it for granted.

It’s something that I strive to be. It allows me to do more, try harder, and show the best of myself that I can … I’m always trying really hard to show the best version of myself when I’m performing.

— Yeonjun

For some people, the pressure might sound harsh, but for Yeonjun, it just makes everything even more fun!

[It] isn’t easy. But frankly, it’s more fun because it isn’t. It’s no fun if it’s easy.

— Yeonjun

Source: Paper Magazine