TXT’s Yeonjun Is Concerning Fans With What Seems To Be Thinning Hair

His hair definitely deserves a break!

One thing that K-Pop idols are really known for is how often they dye their hair. While this isn’t the case for every idol, there are few who have never strayed from their natural hair color, and bright, bold, and even neon colors aren’t uncommon in the industry!


All of TXT‘s members have had bright or unnatural hair colors at some point, from Soobin‘s iconic blue look to Hueningkai‘s platinum blond.

Soobin (TXT)
Hueningkai (TXT)

Among the members, though, Yeonjun has had some of the most hair dye jobs done. He’s had it dyed nearly every color you can think of, from silver to neon yellow to red and pink, and of course the bright blue that can’t be forgotten.

Yeonjun (TXT)

However, some fans are worried that Yeonjun’s consistent dyeing is starting to impact the health of his hair. A recent post on an online forum shared photos of the idol’s hair seeming thinner than usual.

His part, in particular, has been cause for concern among fans, and MOAs are begging him and BIGHIT MUSIC to allow his hair to have a break.

Several comments on the post express their worry about the state of Yeonjun’s hair, though others are hopeful that it’s not too bad, and that it will be fine once it’s able to stay in its natural state for some time.

  • “Ah seriously, he needs treatment ASAP but because of the length of his promotion, he couldn’t get it treated. I hope that he stops touching his hair for a few years”
  • “While we’re on the topic, I honestly think at this point we can retire the neon colours. we can still do reds, purples, etc. but it wouldn’t hurt to have them more muted. Just give people highlights.”
  • “Maybe they could keep his hair natural for a while to let it recover”
  • “Omg someone give him some rosemary oil”
  • “I hope he will take a break from dyeing his hair. My bias kinda stopped dyeing his hair for many comebacks cos his scalp condition was bad his hair was falling out a lot, now it’s getting way better”
  • “Black and brown hair are the best for kpop idols. Enough with the platinum and weird colors 💀”
  • “Many idols must go through it due to the terrible diets and health habits plus all the dying and bleach, atp the shocking part of it is that they still have hair!!!!”

If Yeonjun’s hair really is thinner than it used to be, we also hope that all he needs is a break from dyeing it, and that it will be able to bounce back before too long! Regardless, his visuals are still just as stunning as ever.

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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