TXT’s Yeonjun Calls Out The Trend Of Unnecessary Comparisons Over Dance Challenge Videos

He expressed why he has been reluctant to do it.

During a recent livestream, TXT member Yeonjun expressed his “dilemma” over doing dance challenges, owing to the changed perception of the trend.

Yeonjun of TXT | @yawnzzn/Instagram

On September 25 (KST), Yeonjun appeared on a live broadcast on Weverse, where he received a horde of comments requesting him to do the popular “Smoke” dance challenge. But the idol expressed his reservations, taking MOAs by surprise.

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Yeonjun is known for his mesmerizing dancing skills, which could easily put him on par with professionals. That, combined with his fabled presence on TikTok, has made people addicted to the TXT member’s dance challenges. Whenever there is a popular dance trend in the K-Pop space, fans eagerly wait for Yeonjun to join.

So, any reluctance from the idol regarding dance challenges is unusual for fans. However, Yeonjun elaborated, saying, “I feel like the meaning of dance challenges has changed a lot these days.” He pointed out that these days, people tend to leave unkind comments on dance challenges, be it him or any other idol. It has created a “dilemma” in him about doing them now.

It’d be..how do I say this? It’d be nice to dance to it but I don’t know, I feel like the meaning of dance challenges has changed a lot these days.

— Yeonjun

It puts me in a dilemma…Of course, our MOAs would like it but not everyone leaves kind comments.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun said he feels these challenges have somehow turned into battles online, as netizens pit idols against one another in an endless “who did it better” contest. He wishes people could “just watch and enjoy it” instead.

If I do it, it would definitely be for MOAs…But from some moment, these ‘challenges’ have become some sort of battle like, ‘Who did it better? Who’s doing it better?’

— Yeonjun

He brought up the “Smoke” challenge done by his group’s maknae Hueningkai and took the opportunity to praise his skills.

@txt.bighitent 휴모크 #Smokechallenge #투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT #HUENINGKAI ♬ Smoke (Prod. Dynamicduo, Padi) – Dynamicduo & Lee Young Ji

But he also mentioned how the negative comments left a sour taste in his mouth. “I hate those kinda things,” Yeonjun stated, “I feel like (the meaning of these ‘challenges’) has deteriorated a lot these days.”

But he concluded his explanation by saying that if MOAs want to see him do the challenge, he will do it, but he already has an idea of what the reactions would be like from outsiders.

Source: Weverse Live