TXT Yeonjun’s Emotional Reaction To A “Nuna” Fan Has All The Nunas Screaming

“Look how happy he looks and sounds to be on the call!”

On June 13, 2020, TXT held a video call fan meeting — which a Twitter user @990913days attended.


During her call with member Yeonjun, she recorded his most adorable string of reactions.

Member Yeonjun

He first lit up with pleasant surprise when he realized she made it to the call.

Then, with all the feels, Yeonjun closed shut his eyes and looked emotional.

He greeted the fan, “Long time no see?!”

Hey! Long time no see?! Oh my gosh, I think I’m tearing up.

— Yeonjun

As he and the fan continued the call, he brought his face closer to the camera too — so he wouldn’t miss a second of their precious time together.

Have you been well? I’m going to get a closer look…

— Yeonjun

When @990913days tweeted the video, it made the internet fall in love with Yeonjun’s 100% unfiltered response to being reunited with his loyal MOAs.

Watching this video makes me tear up too. I guess he really missed you. Look how happy he looks and sounds to be on the call! This is one of the most touching fan meeting tweets I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing this with us!

— Twitter @ZFlpjkcP16rVpLA

Watch the full clip here:

When I told him, ‘Nuna is here‘, he got surprised. He then closed his eyes and told me that it has been a while. He said teared up a little. I cried so much.

— Twitter @990913days