TXT Yeonjun’s Gesture Toward BOYNEXTDOOR Members Reminds Fans Of BTS’s Suga

He’s following in his senior’s footsteps.

TXT member Yeonjun’s kind gesture toward his juniors, BOYNEXTDOOR, has won fans’ hearts big time.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter

BOYNEXTDOOR and TXT are labelmates, with the former belonging to KOZ Entertainment and the latter to BIGHIT MUSIC under HYBE’s multi-label system. Yeonjun is already close with Woonhak, one of the BOYNEXTDOOR members, and his co-MC at SBS’s Inkigayo. Previously, he talked about how Yeonjun took care of him and put him at ease since their first meeting, leading to a close relationship between them. He also revealed that as a sunbae, the TXT member always reaches out to him, ensuring he has someone to talk to if he’s having a hard time.

(From left to right) Yeonjun, actress Park Ji Hoo, and Woonhak on “Inkigayo” | SBS

Now, fans have gotten another peep at Yeonjun’s thoughtful gesture toward his junior group. The members of BOYNEXTDOOR recently appeared on Arirang TV’s After School Club, promoting their first comeback EP, Why…


During one of the segments, the boys played a game where they were shown two performance photos of an idol side by side and had to guess which tracks they were performing. When Yeonjun’s picture came on screen, Woonhak confidently relayed the answer to his teammate, but it turned out to be wrong.

Sungho gave the correct answer after him.

All the members teased Woonhak to send a video message to Yeonjun, explaining himself so that Yeonjun doesn’t get “disappointed.” He shyly uttered, “I’m sorry.”

Sungho then addressed Yeonjun as well, saying, “We really enjoyed the beef you bought last time.” All the members thanked him afterward.

Yeonjun being such a kind senior to the group got fans emotional. It also reminded some of his heartwarming moment with BTS’s Suga on Suchwita, where he said no one took care of the TXT members like Suga.

He recalled when they were pre-debut trainees, Suga once bought them chicken in the middle of their practice sessions, touching their hearts with the kind gesture.


At the end of the Suchwita episode, Suga told both Yeonjun and Taehyun that they didn’t have to repay the kindness to him and instead pay it forward to their juniors. Fans couldn’t be more glad to see how well Yeonjun is keeping his promise.