TXT’s Yeonjun Faces A “Problem” He Has Never Experienced As An Idol After Becoming An MC For “Inkigayo”

He can ask Soobin for tips!

It’s common for girl groups to experience being hit in the face by another member’s hair. This can often happen while choreography requires the members to stand close together. For example, aespa‘s Winter often gets hit by Karina‘s long locks. This was especially evident during “Next Level.”

aespa dancing to “Next Level.” | SM Entertainment

Thanks to the shorter hair of male idols, this rarely happens to them! But sometimes, they do get the rare chance to experience what is termed the “hair slap.” TXT‘s Yeonjun recently became an MC for Inkigayo. He was hit by hair on April 24, 2022, for the first time in his 23 years. His co-MC, actress Roh Jeong Eui was dancing excitedly as they introduced the next act. Her long locks whacked Yeonjun in the face by mistake.

Yeonjun getting hit by hair. | @sobsjjun/Twitter

He bent down in momentary pain after scrunching up his face.

Yeonjun getting hit by hair. | @sobsjjun/Twitter

Check out the clip below.

While we’re sure she didn’t mean it, perhaps Yeonjun could stand to learn a few tips from fellow bandmate, Soobin. Soobin was previously the MC for Music Bank, and he managed to avoid the fatal “hair slap.” During an interview with OH MY GIRL‘s YooA, he smartly stepped back to avoid being hit by her hair during a dance move. His co-MC, Arin, however, was not that fortunate.

As it is only Yeonjun’s first month into his MC gig, he’s bound to learn the tips and tricks soon! Best of luck to the new MC trio.

Yeonjun, Roh Jeong Eui, and Seo Bum June. | Inkigayo