TXT’s Yeonjun Opens His Own Instagram Account And Now MOAs Are Convinced The Other Members Will Too

Imagine all the Instagram content we’ll get 😍

TXT‘s Yeonjun made waves earlier today as the first and only of the 5 members to open up his own personal Instagram account.

| TXT Official Facebook

Fellow member Taehyun posted a Weverse moment shortly after Yeonjun made his account to congratulate him as the supportive brother he is!

I’m the first follower! Congrats on opening your Instagram, please give it lots of love guys!!

Now since Taehyun doesn’t have an Instagram account of his own, it looks like he followed Yeonjun on the Official TXT Instagram account. But MOAs noticed something else…

For one, Taehyun was using the Official TXT Instagram account, but MOAs noted the small red dot below the profile icon that means he has other accounts linked to his Instagram!

While we won’t know for sure if the other members will be opening up their own Instagram accounts, MOAs seem to be sure that they’re coming!

A clever fan theorized that the members might be opening their accounts on a specific day for a strategic purpose.

Others are just excited for all the things that will come with personal Instagram accounts!

We can’t wait to see if the other members join Yeonjun on Instagram. Read more about Yeonjun’s account below.

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