TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals Which Lyrics Are His Favorite From His Featured Rap In ENHYPEN’s “Blockbuster”

He also dished on where he got the inspiration for his lyrics.

TXT and ENHYPEN made MOAs and ENGENEs extremely happy with their collaboration in ENHYPEN’s latest DIMENSION : DILEMMA album!

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As many know, Yeonjun participated in ENHYPEN’s DIMENSION : DILEMMA album by featuring in its track “Blockbuster.” Yeonjun’s lyrics in the song focus on him as a main character as if he were in an action movie! The lyrics are very hardcore and while it’s hard to pick a favorite line, Yeonjun revealed his favorite during his latest recent live broadcast.

During his recent live broadcast, Yeonjun sat down to chat with MOAs and answered any questions they might have. Many of the questions were about Yeonjun and his feature in ENHYPEN’s song.

One question asked Yeonjun what his favorite part of his feature is.  Yeonjun revealed the lyrics he favors the most and explained how he got the inspiration for it.

My personal favorite lyric is ‘Even if I die, I’ll be back, thumbs up!’ I wrote it while thinking about Terminator and thinking, ‘There’s no way I can die because I’m the main character.’

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun went on to say that action movies in general helped him feel inspired for the whole feature. Although it turned out amazing, Yeonjun admitted that he was quite nervous about the results in the beginning. By the fantastic responses from both MOAs and ENGENEs, Yeonjun had nothing to worry about!

The rap turned out better than I expected! I was a  bit nervous at first.

— Yeonjun

Have you listened to “Blockbuster” yet? Check out the song below:

Source: Naver TV