TXT Yeonjun Receives Love For Breaking Gender Norms And Supporting Non-Binary

Eagle-eyed fans were impressed with more than just Yeonjun’s shirt.

When it comes to fashion, TXT‘s Yeonjun is known for looking his best and wearing pieces that accentuate his long legs. This time, he’s receiving love from the meaning behind his latest fashion.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

In the second half of the group’s Fandom Tour appearance, they visited Hueningkai‘s middle school to speak with his former teachers. As soon as the teachers entered the classroom, TXT greeted them respectfully, giving a clearer view of Yeonjun’s t-shirt. With checkboxes at the start of each word, they read MALE, FEMALE, and PERSON.

| 덕후투어/KakaoTV

In another view of the t-shirt, the only box checked off was PERSON. Not only did it signal support for non-binary and transgender individuals who don’t identify with a specific gender, but it also served as a reminder that everyone is human.

| 덕후투어/KakaoTV 

When finding out more information about the t-shirt, fans discovered that GOT7‘s Jackson had worn the same one. Part of Swiss brand VETEMENTS, the Person Print Shirt is valued at $465 USD. The t-shirt was far from the only instance where Yeonjun showed support for those who didn’t fit into gender norms.

In addition to being there for a fan coming out as non-binary and cheering them on by saying “Trans rights,” Yeonjun’s fashion for the group’s DAZED Korea photoshoot shared a similar message. Wearing silver pants and a white jacket, the latter is what caught attention.

Rather than wearing a jacket labelled explicitly for men, Yeonjun broke gender norms and wore whatever suited him best. The white jacket turned out to be initially modelled for women.

| @lyricistkai/Twitter

Although they may seem like small choices, Yeonjun’s outfits not only prove that fashion shouldn’t have a gender, but also that everyone is free to identify themselves however they choose—no matter what others say. After all, every individual is a person.

Source: Twitter