TXT’s Yeonjun Shows How Much He Loves Piercings By Complimenting A Lucky Fan

Not to mention, he has several of his own!

We’ve been writing quite a bit about K-Pop idol piercings lately, including some of the idols with the most piercings in the industry.

BTS’s Jungkook

It seems like more idols these days are getting numerous piercings (and other body modifications, such as tattoos), and we love to see this form of self-expression!


All of TXT‘s members except for Hueningkai have piercings of some kind, with Beomgyu and Yeonjun currently having the most.

Yeonjun in particular has three piercings on his right ear and two on his left, which he has worn a variety of beautiful pieces of jewelry in!

He has also rocked some pretty fake piercings as well.

At a recent fansign, Yeonjun further proved how much he loves piercings in a cute interaction with a MOA that had a lot of them!

Note: He said three piercings on his right ear, not four.

This conversation has made other TXT fans hopeful that maybe someday, he will compliment their own piercings!

Maybe Yeonjun will be getting more piercings himself in the near future!


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